Product Stability Testing

Product stability is an important factor in ensuring the safety and quality of a product

To determine a products shelf-life, stability studies are conducted with the aim to simulate the environmental conditions in which the product will be stored while on the market and after reaching the consumer. Factors that can influence a products stability are classified as intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic factors include water activity, available oxygen, microbiological activity and use of preservatives. Extrinsic factors are associated with the external storage conditions. For example: temperature, relative humidity (RH), exposure to light (UV and IR). Furthermore, degradation reactions like oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis or racemization also have an important influence in the product stability.

The stability of CBD can be influenced by multiple factors. Temperature appears to be a very important parameter, with an activation energy of 92.19K1/mol According to some studies, CBD seems to be more stable at lower temperatures. CBD is also sensitive to oxidation, with a short t95 of 1.77 days in oxidizing environments, exposure to light also seems to have a photolytic oxidative reaction. Storage conditions are important for CBD products, as under poor conditions it can be quite unstable. This becomes very important for any retailer or producer of CBD products as degradation of the CBD in the product over time will mean inaccurate information on labels and could affect brand reputation.

Here at PhytoVista Laboratories we have solutions to allow storage under various conditions for different periods of time. Then at the specified sampling dates, we facilitate any and all testing requirements as per the customer specified protocol. Example tests can include: CBD profile, Terpenes, Microbiological tests, water activity etc.

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