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We provide a range of analytical services across a range of industries

CBD and hemp product

Providing support to consumers, distributors and manufacturers. We can test your products and provide you with the evidence that they are what you think they are. We can test oils, isolate, CBD dabs, CBD shatter, CBD crumble, tea, eliquids and even chocolate and other edibles. Please note that the law does not distinguish between flowers/buds of any type in the UK, therefore even industrial hemp flowers/buds are technically a controlled substance and we are not able to receive or analyse this material.

Method development , stability testing & impurity identification

Phytovista Laboratories has the trained expertise and state-of-the-art-facilities required for developing new methods of analysis for all kinds of components in different complex matrices.


Servicing fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and academia, we offer the isolation, purification and work-up of single components from raw sample, or from complex mixtures.

Analysis of Foodstuffs

We can perform trace analysis for contaminants such as pesticides and microbial toxins

Expert chemical testing services including composition, trace contaminant determination, metals analysis, identification of unknown components and compliance testing.

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